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EY4U: yacht services in Italy, Sardinia and Sicily

EY4U is an Italian Yacht Agency specialized in yachting, leisure for guests and concierge service in Italy, Sardinia and Sicily.
We provide yachts with shore support, port booking service, provisions and supplies and boat transport service.

We are not just another yacht agency; our onshore and onboard service is available 24/7, from Genoa to Southern Italy, going through Naples, from Sardinia to Sicily and from Adriatic coast ports in Puglia, Croatia and Albania.

Our key strength is the ability to find prompt solutions for any need that those involved in a voyage may have, thanks to our deep knowledge of the yachting industry and of the Med.

We are highly experienced in dealing with the authorities and attending to formalities.

Through the years, we have specialized to fulfill the needs of guests and owners and to support captains and crew with a full range of services: VIP transfers, exclusive tailor-made tours, onboard entertainment, water games, helicopter hiring and provisions.

As to charter yachts, captains and charter managers can take advantage of our rapid and reliable accounting service.

For anyone involved in a yacht trip

Click the options in the menu below for more details about the service which best fits to you. Anyone involved in the yachting industry and in yacht trips can take advantage of our services. Just with a phone call +39-010-89-764-00.


Dear Captains, your yachts are in safe hands with us. Thanks to our experience, know-how of maritime regulations and local knowledge, we are able to give you all the info and advice you may need for a safe and smooth voyage.

Charter managers

Dear Charter Managers, we provide you with breakdown of costs always up-to-date, available in real time and with no unexpected items in the invoice. Our rapid and precise accounting service will help you to make a profit.


Dear Chefs, just ask and we will be able to provide you with top-quality and fresh products for your galley. We will be really glad to help you satisfying even the most refined palates.


Dear Engineers, we can quickly get any spare parts you may need and we can also arrange fuel bunkering. Also, we have a long-lasting partnership with various Italian shipyards for refitting and repairing.


Happy guests mean happy Captains and crews. Thus, we can arrange water sports, a personal shopping service, tours with mother-tongue guides and any kind of entertainment your guests may ask for. We can even take guests to the crater of a volcano by helicopter or to an exclusive golf course.

Mates and Bosuns

Dear Mates and Bosuns, we are able to find anything you may be looking for, ensuring high quality and quick delivery: household products, paints, varnish, etc.


Dear Stewardesses, we supply a wide range of quality products: wines, spirits, champagne, guest bedding and toiletries, cleaning, laundry and household products, etc. We can also arrange delivery of floral compositions, exclusive tours, chauffeur car service and much more.

Ports and marinas for all yachts

From Genova to Southern Italy, going through Naples, from Sardinia to Sicily, we serve the most exclusive locations. We provide safe berthing and transit just with a phone call +39-010-89-764-00.

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